In order to regulate the functioning of muscles, nervous system and blood circulation, relaxing professionally treatment which applies to various points of the body, called massage.
Massage is a therapy art that aims to relieve your tension and aches. A stressful life is an integral part of city life, and in this bustle, your soul needs to be rested and purified as much as your body. Spa Goa, Crowne Plaza Oryapark's renewal center, has nearly 30 massage rituals practiced by far-eastern expert massage therapists. Meet the unique world of Spa Goa; Feel your rejuvenation in your soul and in your body again.

Thai Message

It is a type of massage that aims to improve the mind, body and soul that carries traces of traditional Thai culture. The Thai Massage, is a massage known by only expert therapists all over the world, contains many elongation , pulling, stretching and pressing movements. The tension on the body and the negative energy are released with the pressure applied to certain areas of the body. After Thai massage, you feel both alienated and mentally alleviated.

Bali Message

The Bali Massage, which takes its name from Indonesia's island of Bali, accelerates blood circulation and allows the body to relax. You will find a peaceful journey in a quiet and calm atmosphere together with Bali Massage. You find yourself in a whole new world and you continue to feel the miraculous effect of massage for days. Bali massage, the healing effect of our experienced therapists, is the key to both physical and mental refreshment.

Reflexlogy Message

Reflexology is a massage technique applied to reflex points. In our body, every organ has a nerve point which is connected to the foot. You immediately notice the desired physiological changes when the pressure applied to this critical point on the sole. Reflexology also increases joint mobility and regulates the functioning of your metabolism. With this terrific experience that everyone must live in, amidst audible and visual sense of peaceful atmosphere, you feel yourself as featherish, and your self moves away from all the troubles of life.

Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy, which has been part of the Far Eastern culture since ancient times and is accepted as a natural method of treatment, is one of the most natural way that you can apply to balance your mind and body health. With Aroma Therapy massage, which is based on gentle touches and using aromatic herbal extracts, you will experience that your sleep quality will increase and the negative effects of stress are reduce, while massage sessions are going on. Change starts immediately, with aromatherapy massage, leave yourself to the healing hands of nature.

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