Living intimate with sport is not just a trend, it is a passionate and disciplined way of life. A healthy body is also the key to your mind's need. Moreover, when you are doing sports, you do not only have physical development, you organize your entire life according to healthy living principles. A vibrant life accompanied by a healthy nourishment diet makes it easier to reach the fit body that you desire. Crowne Plaza Oryapark, developed by social networking and friendship relationships, has a colorful environment that motivates both yourself and your friends to play together in the fitness arena. Reaching your health and fitness goals is not a dream accompanied by licensed sports instructors, at the fitness area where you will find the essential fitness equipment you need, which is located at Spa Goa. Specialized fitness trainers will be able to tailor your sport programs to you, such as body balance and strength enhancement, posture adjustment, fitness enhancement, healthy weight loss and weight gain, body resistance enhancement. By exercising regularly, you will increase both your body's flexibility and you will defecate from your toxins by sweating.

Spa Goa Fitness offers:

- Individual fitness and cardio exercises,
- Pilates,
- Functional,
- Aqua gym,
- Free Tightening Exercises,
- Total Body Exercises,
- Exercise programs for children and adolescents.

In addition to these, you can benefit from posture disorders and posture regulator personalized training programs.

The fitness center is open between 07:00 and 22:00 and is closed on Mondays.

Due to the pandemic, our Spa Goa, Turkish Bath and Massage section is closed. Only our Fitness section is used.

For Reservation
Tel +90216 666 64 00