Anadolu Kavağı Meeting Room

Anadolu Kavağı, one of the last remaining villages of Istanbul, is one of the fascinating places to see with its peaceful atmosphere. Anadolu Kavağı, where the village atmosphere came together with the blueness of the Bosphorus, was inspired by one of the meeting rooms at Crowne Plaza Oryapark. The Anatolian Kavagi meeting room, which you can fully benefit from the sunshine, makes you feel more vigorous during busy meetings. The large windows are filled with the light completely, and at the same time, with it’s special system it becomes a barrier for the outside noices which completely prevented to reach inside. The 71-square meter hall and the 317-centimeter ceiling height provide spectacular acoustics to distribute sound equally. The Anadolu Kavağı Meeting room is ideal especially for educational organizations, and has technological innovations, as well as cabinets that offer the possibility of storing your privite belongings. Theater 60, Class 36, U Order 22, Banquet 40 people.