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Spa is a purifying ritual of interest at all over the world especially in last years. The care, made with medicinal waters, affects your skin and your whole body, also provides the relief that your soul needs.

Crowne Plaza Oryapark's refreshing spot, Spa Goa, offers you saunas, steam rooms, shock showers, relaxation areas, fitness room, indoor swimming pool, Turkish bath and massage rooms special for men and women. The indoor pool, which has clean and clear water, is disinfected with salt instead of harmful chemicals. The massage rooms services are provided by Far Eastern massage therapists which are specialized in the field of services, gives a great relief with the scents and music appealing to every senses.

Spa, a synthesis of massage therapies from Western and Eastern cultures, offers you an escape to get over from the life’s tiredness and stress. You feel yourself away from the World and relieved in the massage rooms of Crowne Plaza Oryapark. Spa, which nourishes and energizes the skin, becomes a unique experiment in the calming atmosphere of Crowne Plaza Oryapark.

For daily use, personel fitness and group lessons, spa and fitness memberships, massage and private organization :

Telefon: 0 216 666 64 10