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Paşabahçe Ballroom

Paşabahçe, one of the most special and unique neighborhoods in Beykoz, where the quiet waters of the Bosphorus meet with the rebellious sea of ​​the Black Sea, gives the name to the ballroom hosts sometimes calm, and sometimes enthusiastic meetings and organizations. In the Paşabahçe Ballroom, which has a ceiling height of 6.38 meters and a size of 530 square meters, all details are considered for the perfect meetings which is one of the most important elements of business life. Column-free ballroom which can be divide to three part promises unique organizational experiences with its functional structure shaped by the needs. In front of the Ballroom, there is a foyer-stand area which is 175 square meters that has a daylight and a winter garden which is 350 square meters in size. This area is also very useful for diner invitations at good weather. It provides an opportunity to refresh your mind with fresh air at your break time. There are 3 barcovision, 3 curtains in 4x3 meter size, internal sound and light system in the Ballroom, which can be reached directly from the parking garage. The Paşabahçe Ballroom, has ideal features for all kinds of launches, corporate meetings and gala organizations with it’s high technology equipments and with superb treats.