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Oval Restaurant, blending the world cuisine with Turkish delicacies, makes a feast for the guests of Crowne Plaza Oryapark. It is possible to find tastes appealing to every taste in Oval Restaurant where different tastes are presented with magnificent presentations. 

The Oval Resturant, which can accommodate up to 700 people in total with a capacity of 400 people closed area and a capacity of 300 people garden area, has the potantial for large invitations and organizations. Meetings and invitations become more enjoyable with the exquisite taste of the hands of master chefs. Crowne Plaza Oryapark offers different alternatives for food and beverege like  Sağlıklıyım Toplantı Paketi, which offers a hearty and healthy menü or Akdeniz Molası Toplantı Paketi, which offers Mediterranean cuisine specialties. The Private Dining Room, located in the Oval Restaurant, provides you with an isolated place from the rest of the restaurant for special occasions where your privacy is important. 

You can enjoy the warm sun on the lawn after your meal in good weather or enjoy a good time by playing badminton.
One of the best alternatives to reward yourself and your family for the weekend is to have a great breakfast at the Oval Resturant. At breakfast accompanied by the clown, your children will have a chance to have a nice breakfast as you would like and have fun with a clown.