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Çubuklu & Kanlıca Meeting Room

The name "Eirenaion", which means "peace" in ancient times, is found in Beykoz. Another beauty in Beykoz is Kanlıca and it is known as with it’s fresh air in Istanbul. Çubuklu and Kanlca meeting rooms on the T1 floor are inspired and designed with these two wonderful neighborhoods. These two meeting rooms which has a friendly atmosphere have been specially designed for the meeting for fewer participants. While The Çubuklu Meeting Room is 54 square meters in size, Kanlıca Meeting Room is 50 square meters in size. Both saloons, with a ceiling height of 317 centimeters, are a spacious space for anyone to come together for a meeting. These two halls, which primarily address educational organizations and small-scale business meetings, provide a more enjoyable meeting experience with the delicacies of the master chefs. Theater 44, Class 25, U Order 18, Banquet 30 people.