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Bride's Bath

The Bride's Bath, one of our oldest customs that has survived to today from the Ottoman Empire, brings together the bride's friends, relatives and the groom's social circle. The Bride's Bath is an unforgettable moment accompanied by fun music and delicious treats.

Bride Bath which is a modernized version of a long-established tradition that carries the magical traces of history that you could take the tiredness of the stressful days before the wedding. With the healing effects of the bath, you will be free from toxins and you will feel refreshed and relaxed. Open buffet, massage accompanied by professional therapists and bridal bath ritual, which offers pouch-foam services, becomes a memory to be remembered with delight and smile in Crowne Plaza Oryapark's bath.


For reservation and detailed information please contact:

Telephone: 0 216 666 64 10