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Baby Shower

The main aim is to make Baby Shower, which is about to lighten the burden of the mother who is about to give birth in the near future. For the mother candidates, it is both a feeling-filled day and a very entertaining day. The Baby Shower is an unforgettable holiday for both new mothers and friends, preserving the perfect gift and meeting the needs of new mothers, and being the first party of the smallness that will add joy to everyone's joy at the same time.

You can choose a pleasant decorating theme for your friend who prepares to be a mommy and give her an unforgettable day. You may choose Crowne Plaza Oryapark that has numerous organization experience for the Baby Shower which will be colored with delicious cusines and tiny games;to maket his happy day even more meaningful.


For reservation and detailed information please contact:

Telefon: 0 216 666 64 10